If you’re looking for on-trend home decor without the lofty price tag, then you should check out the wall clocks at Hobby Lobby. You can find discounts anywhere from 30 to 50 percent off on everything from rustic side tables to oversized wall clocks.

Adding a quirky mechanical or antique timepiece to a feature wall is a sure way of bringing interest and charm to any room. You can even collect them in different designs and sizes to create an eye-catching gallery wall display!

Vintage Wood Wall Clock

Whether you’re searching for a clock to hang in your home or want something to display on your mantel, there are many different styles available at Hobby Lobby. This is especially true of their wall clock selection. These clocks are a wonderful way to add a bit of a vintage or rustic flair to your home decor.

The Vintage Wood Wall Clock is a great option for those looking to bring some old-world charm into their home. This wooden wall clock features a round frame with a distressed white background and segmented silver numerals. It also has a decorative metal ring on the top and a pair of black hands. It’s sure to provide a classic look to any room in your house!

A sophisticated wall clock can add a level of sophistication to your home’s interior decor. Some antique wood wall clocks are very sculptural and are best suited for larger rooms, while other designs can serve as eye-catching accent pieces in smaller spaces. If you’re a fan of the Arts and Crafts style, a wood clock with oak accents is a beautiful way to bring a bit of this trend into your home.

In addition to being a functional element, clocks are also highly sought after as collectible items. These objects are often sold at auctions, though the prices are determined by their originality rather than their actual functionality. Typically, a clock is more valuable if it has been maintained properly over the years and hasn’t been altered in any way. This is particularly true of wood wall clocks, which are prone to chipping and cracking when used outdoors or in humid conditions.

White Distressed Wood Wall Clock

Keep track of the time while adding style to your space with this White Distressed Wood Wall Clock. Featuring a round design with a distressed white finish, this clock is one of the most stylish in its class. It also boasts a nifty oh-so-clever clock mechanism that silently ticks off the hours and minutes. Best of all, it’s available at a reasonable price and is the star of any living room or family room. It comes with a convenient keyhole mount to make installation a breeze. The clock measures a tidy 36″ tall by 24″ wide, and requires one AA battery. Get it while you can! It’s on sale now for the low, low price of $29.99. It’s not hard to see why this is a best-selling product at Hobby Lobby! Be sure to check out the rest of our wall clocks page for more great finds. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! We know you’ll find something perfect for your home and your budget! You’ll be glad you did! The best part is, you’ll be surprised you paid so much for it!

Black Grand Hotel Metal Wall Clock

Add a touch of elegance to your home with this Black Grand Hotel Metal Wall Clock. Featuring decorative rusting on the edges of its clock face, this large metal piece will stand out in any room. Hang this oversized wall decor above your mantle or display it in your dining room for a timeless accent. With a rounded black base and a black metal pocket watch-style mount, this clock will be a welcome addition to your space. It also displays a hotel address and numbers in elegant typography. This wall decor is available at Hobby Lobby. The clock requires an AA battery.

Butterfly Cut-Out Wall Clock

The Butterfly Cut-Out Wall Clock is a great addition to any home. This clock features a fun swarm of butterflies that look like they are flying off one end of the clock face. Its simple design makes it a great gift, too! It can also be used in an office space or classroom. It is available in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect color for your space!

It has a small clock face, so it will be easy to see the time. It also features a low power quartz timepiece that doesn’t make any ticking sounds. This is a great option for people with young children or people who want to avoid having noises coming from their home.

You can easily decorate this wall clock with paint, markers, or other materials. It has a layered effect with dots and rounded cutouts on its wings. It can also be decorated with paper butterfly stamps, which can be punched out of black card stock and glued onto the clock. You can even use hot glue to add texture to the paper. This will give it a 3D effect when it is hung on the wall!

You can find this wall clock in a variety of different colors at Hobby Lobby. It is a perfect addition to any home and will look beautiful when displayed alongside other decorative items in the room. It is also a great gift for any person who loves butterflies. This will be a perfect accent for any living room, dining room, or bedroom.